Moni's Girl Crushes

Demetria L.Lucas wrote in a recent VIBE Vixen article about girl crushes and defined it in this way.

The girl crush is more along the lines of a female bromance. It’s a strictly-platonic, straight girl kind of longing where a hetero woman becomes infatuated with a fellow lady who possesses traits— inside and out— that the crusher admires (like say, beauty, sophistication, sass, confidence, etc.), and too, hopes to emulate.

Hmm.. That puts an interesting new school label to what I've done for some time and has been heightened since I transitioned.   Since I'm always trying to improve on and hone my own femme presentation, I do pay attention to how other women cis and trans are presenting themselves to the world and incorporate the positive aspects of what they are projecting to the world in my own evolving persona. 

So who are the women cis and trans who catch my eye that I like and have qualities I want to emulate on one level or another?   There's a long list of them.

One of the things I find most attractive in any woman cis or trans is having brains and beauty.  To me  a smart woman is a sexy woman, especially if she has the looks, class and style to go with it.

I like women who have a sense of style and a fashion sense that fits them.  They set trends, not follow them.   

I admire sisters with confidence.  I like the women who no matter whether they are petite, medium height or tall, slim body build to full figured to Coke bottle shaped, walk around like they own the planet. 

And since my African descended sisters don't get enough love, I damned sure love you. 

I love your 24 skin tone variations from light, bright and damn near white vanilla creme to deepest darkest ebony combined with your curvaceous fine brown curvaceous frames that men have fought wars over and sung about for ages.  I like the Black women I see rocking hairstyles from ultra short to natural to weave down to their butts and gracefully pulling it off.

As to the women that I know I have Individual girl crushes on?   Some of them I've already told, some of them I've hinted around at it while others I'll get around to letting them know when the time is right.  

But my girl crushes know no age limit or ethnic group.  Some of them are no longer even in this plane of existence with us.

But if you got it going on and have qualities I admire and want to emulate in my own life, I'm damned sure going to get busy incorporating them into mine.   If you're part of my sistahcircle, I'm going to keep pushing you to be the best you can be as I do my best to emulate the positive qualities of your life in my own. .

Isn't that one of the things sisterhood is all about?

So yeah, for those of you I have girl crushes on, as I said, one of these days you'll find out who you are..